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Bank of industry loan requirements

Are you an entrepreneur ready to take your business to the next level? The Bank of Industry (BOI) is here to support you!

1. Targeted Support for Thriving Industries

BOI specializes in financing businesses involved in manufacturing and processing activities across various sectors. Whether you’re in Agro-processing, Solid Minerals, Information Technology, Oil and Gas, or the Creative Industry, we’re here to back your ventures. Don’t see your sector listed? Share your product details for review by our expert team.

2. Financing Enterprises, Not Just Individuals

Looking for funding? BOI provides financial support to registered enterprises or companies, not individuals. Ensure your business is officially registered, and you’re on the right track to accessing our support.

3. Industrial Equipment Financing Made Easy

Need to upgrade your equipment? BOI is your go-to source for financing industrial equipment used in manufacturing. Remember, we don’t finance land and building, but we can help you with your working capital requirements through our partner banks.

4. Streamlined Disbursement Process

Curious about our loan disbursement process? Unlike traditional cash disbursement, we direct funds to vendors and suppliers of the equipment you’re investing in.

5. Flexible Financing Options

BOI offers loan support starting from N5 million. For smaller amounts, explore our matching fund platform or the Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP) scheme for alternative financing avenues.

6. Collateral Made Simple

Worried about collateral? We accept various forms of security, including legal mortgages, debentures, bank guarantees, and even external guarantors. Plus, we’re open to sharing assets pledged to other lenders.

7. Embracing Startups with Potential

Dreaming of launching a startup? While we typically look for a track record of three years, we also consider startups with strong potential. Showcase your industry experience and qualified team, and we might just support your vision.

8. Smooth Application Process

Ready to apply? Make sure you have the necessary documents on hand. Check out our list of required documents to ensure a seamless application process.

Unlock the potential of your business with BOI. Let’s embark on this journey together towards success.

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