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Bank Sort Codes in Nigeria & How You Can Find Them (2024)

Banking in Nigeria isn’t just about the cash in your wallet. It’s a complex web of digits that ensures your money lands where it should, whether across the street or across the globe. Let’s dive into the numerical nitty-gritty of Nigeria’s major banks.

Bank Sort Codes: Unlocking the Gateway

Every bank has its own 9-digit sort code, akin to a digital fingerprint. It’s the secret sauce that ensures your funds reach the right doorstep. Here are some of Nigeria’s leading banks and their sort codes:

  • Access Bank Plc: 44150149
  • First Bank Of Nigeria Plc: 11152303
  • Guaranty Trust Bank Plc (GTBank): 58152052

Curious about others? Keep reading.

SWIFT/BIC Codes: The Global Identifiers

Now, let’s talk international. For cross-border transactions, you need a different set of codes – SWIFT or BIC. These unique identifiers ensure your money takes the right flight to its destination. Here’s a glimpse:

  • Access Bank Plc: ABNGNGLA
  • First Bank of Nigeria Ltd: FBNINGLA
  • United Bank For Africa Plc (UBA): UNAFNGLA

But wait, there’s more to uncover.

Routing Numbers: The Domestic Guides

Domestic transactions have their own set of rules. Enter routing numbers – the nine-digit lifelines for local transfers. Each bank dances to its own routing number tune. Check these out:

  • Access Bank: 104014138
  • Zenith Bank: 057150013
  • Fidelity Bank Nigeria: 070150003

Fascinating, right? But hold onto your hat; there’s still more to explore.

FAQs: Clearing Up the Confusion

Confused about codes? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Let’s unravel some common queries and untangle the code-web.

  • Is bank code and SWIFT code the same? Nope, they’re different beasts altogether.
  • Where do I find my bank’s SWIFT code? Hint: Start with your bank’s website.
  • Do all bank branches have a SWIFT code? Not necessarily; some branches piggyback on their parent’s code.

Keep those questions coming, and keep exploring the financial labyrinth of Nigeria!

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