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Best banks to open savings account for kids in Nigeria

Are you ready to set your children on the path to lifelong success? One crucial step is instilling a culture of saving from an early age. But with so many banks offering savings accounts for kids in Nigeria, how do you choose the right one?

GTBank – Smart Kids Save (SKS) Account

GTBank offers the Smart Kids Save (SKS) account, specially crafted for children aged 0 to 18. With a minimum opening balance of just N1,000, your child can start their journey to financial literacy and security. Plus, competitive interest rates mean the more they save, the more they earn.

First Bank – KidsFirst and MeFirst Account

KidsFirst and MeFirst accounts from First Bank cater to children from birth to age 17. Zero account opening balance and fun activities like treasure hunts make saving exciting for your little ones. As they grow, these accounts transition seamlessly to accommodate their changing needs.

Zenith Bank – Zenith Children’s Account (ZECA)

Zenith Bank’s ZECA comes in two tiers: for kids aged 0-12 and teens aged 13-17. Zero opening balance and a range of benefits, including a Naira MasterCard for teens, make saving fun and educational.

FCMB – Kids Account

FCMB’s Kids Account encourages healthy savings habits from infancy to adolescence. With an opening balance of just ₦5,000 and free E-mail transaction notifications, it’s never too early to start building a secure financial future for your child.

Access Bank – Early Savers Account

Early Savers from Access Bank teaches children the value of saving from a young age. With a minimum opening balance of N1,000 and exclusive events for account holders, your child will develop crucial financial literacy skills early on.

Unity Bank – Unity Kids Savings Account

Unity Kids Savings Account introduces children to the world of banking and savings. With attractive interest rates and automatic conversion to a major account at age 18, it’s a solid choice for securing your child’s financial future.

Polaris Bank – Rainbow Savings Account

Polaris Rainbow Savings Account makes banking fun and educational for kids aged 0-12. With a minimum opening balance of just N1,000 and automatic migration to a Young Achievers Account at age 13, it’s the perfect start to your child’s financial journey.

Stanbic IBTC – CHESS Account

Stanbic CHESS Account is tailored for managing your child’s savings efficiently. With a minimum opening balance of N2,000 and a MasterCard debit card for easy access, your child’s savings will be in safe hands.

UBA – Kiddies and Teens Account

UBA offers Kiddies and Teens Accounts for children aged 0-12 and 13-17 respectively. With benefits like the 13th Month Reward and access to scholarships, your child’s financial future is secured with UBA.

Starling Bank – I Can Save Account

Starling I Can Save Account encourages kids to develop healthy saving habits. With a minimum opening balance of ₦2,000 and attractive interest rates, it’s never too early to teach your child the importance of financial responsibility.

Wema Bank – Royal Kiddies Savings Account

Wema Bank’s Royal Kiddies Savings Account is designed for children aged 0-12. With competitive interest rates and benefits like school fees advance and life assurance, you can give your child a head start towards financial freedom.


Choosing the right bank for your child’s savings account is a crucial step towards securing their financial future. With options tailored to every age group and a range of benefits, you can start your child’s journey to financial success today.

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