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Does moniepoint give loan

Looking for a hassle-free way to access loans in Nigeria? Look no further than Moniepoint!

What’s Moniepoint?

Moniepoint stands tall among Nigeria’s Microfinance banks, offering top-notch services without the traditional banking headaches. From personal to business needs, Moniepoint has you covered.

Seamless Transactions Anywhere, Anytime

No more long queues or paperwork! With Moniepoint’s mobile app, banking is as easy as a few taps on your smartphone. Say goodbye to the old-style hassle!

Dive Into Moniepoint Services

  • Pay bills
  • Send and receive money
  • Debt settlements
  • POS services
  • Mobile recharges
  • Transfers
  • And, of course, loans!

Moniepoint Loans: No Fuss, No Collateral

Forget about paperwork or collateral. With Moniepoint, all you need is your smartphone and internet access. Apply for personal or business loans stress-free.

Are You Eligible? Check These Boxes:

  • Nigerian citizen or resident
  • 18 years or older
  • Active phone number
  • Validated Moniepoint account
  • Stable income source or business
  • Bank account with a reputable Nigerian bank
  • Solid credit history

Small Business? Moniepoint’s Got You Covered

If you’re a small business owner, here’s what you need:

  • Registered business with Nigerian Corporate Affairs (CAC)
  • Financially stable business (minimum 6 months old)
  • Bank account with a reputable Nigerian bank

How to Get Your Hands on Moniepoint Loans

  1. Download the App:
    • Head to Google Play Store
    • Search for “Moniepoint app”
    • Tap “Install”
  2. Create Your Account:
    • Fill in your details
    • Create a unique password
  3. Request Your Loan:
    • Head to the loan section
    • Choose your desired amount and repayment plan
  4. Submit Your Application:
    • Fill out the application form
    • Double-check your details
    • Hit submit
  5. Approval and Disbursement:
    • Once approved, funds are sent to your bank account within minutes

Interest Rates Tailored to You

The interest rates depend on:

  • Loan amount
  • Your credit score
  • Chosen repayment plan

Act Now!

Yes, moniepoint do give loan to individuals and business owners.

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