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How to check loan balance on airtel

Are you tired of losing track of your borrowed airtime balance?

Say hello to convenience with this nifty trick: dial *303#* on your phone!

It’s the quickest way to stay in the know about your borrowed airtime amount.

But wait, there’s more!

If you’re an Airtel user in Nigeria, dial *223#* to check your borrowed airtime balance.

Never be caught off guard again!

Stay on Top with These Simple Steps

Select the balance inquiry option after dialing *130*10#* to manage your credit like a pro.

Keep tabs on your usage, avoid surprises, and plan ahead!

Effortless Monitoring at Your Fingertips

Quickly view your borrowed airtime balance by dialing *130*10#*

Stay informed, stay in control.

Master Your Airtime Management

Note down your balance for future reference.

Plan, prevent, manage— empower yourself!

Stay Ahead of the Game

*Regularly check your balance with *130*10#* to keep your expenses in check.

Stay connected without the hassle— your peace of mind matters!

Share the Love, Share the Data

Share data with ease by staying mindful of your airtime usage.

Stay informed, stay connected— because sharing is caring!

Never Miss a Beat

Opt-in for SMS notifications to keep track of your airtime balance— even when you’re not actively checking!

Stay in the loop, stay ahead— never miss a beat!

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