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How to Get Pin + Token for Zenith Bank without Hardware

Are you intrigued by the term “enter pin + token to confirm” while setting up your Zenith app account? Let’s demystify it together!

What is PIN + Token in Zenith Mobile App?Zenith Bank Token is your six-digit guardian angel for electronic transactions, ensuring utmost security. It’s like having a secret passcode to safeguard your banking fortress.Two Types of Zenith Tokens

  • Soft Token: An automatic 6-digit code sent to your mobile.Hardware Token: The manual creation through a token device.
  • Why Do You Need Both PIN and Token?
  • They’re your dynamic duo against unauthorized access to your precious funds.Remember, both are essential for fortifying your Zenith app experience.
  • Step-by-Step Activation GuideStep 1: Download the Zenith Bank e-Token App
  • Head to the Play Store and grab the Zenith Bank e-Token app.It’s your gateway to a secure mobile banking experience.
  • Step 2: Receive Your Zenith Bank PIN
  • Launch the e-Token app and register your device.Opt for OTP or “PIN+Token,” enter your account details, and hit “Continue.”A one-time pin (OTP) will dance into your inbox; copy it for the next step.
  • Step 3: Obtain Your Zenith Bank Token Number
  • No hardware token? No problem! Use the Zenith Bank e-Token.Select “Quick Access” in the app and follow the prompts to unveil your token number.
  • Step 4: Snag Your Activation Code and User ID
  • Swing by your nearest Zenith Bank branch to snag these golden tickets.
  • Step 5: Seal the Deal
  • Return to the e-Token app, input your activation code and User ID.Then, sprinkle in your token number to solidify your device’s legitimacy.Voila! You’ve unlocked the full potential of the Zenith Bank app for seamless, secure banking.
  • Benefits of Zenith Bank Token
  • It’s the guardian angel of your online transactions, ensuring top-tier protection.Enjoy expanded daily spending limits for a hassle-free banking experience.Simplify transactions with third parties like Remita.Plus, you can easily update personal info like email or phone number.
  • Lost Your Hardware Token PIN? No Worries!
  • Reach out to Zenith Bank Customer Care or pop into your nearest branch for a quick fix.
  • Unlock Your Zenith Banking Potential Today!
  • Dive into secure, convenient banking with Zenith app’s PIN + Token combo.Have questions? Drop a comment below, and let’s navigate this banking adventure together!
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