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LinkCredit Loan App: Review, how to apply and requirements

Are you tired of jumping through hoops just to get a loan? Say goodbye to endless paperwork and waiting in line. Introducing LinkCredit, your passport to instant online loans up to NGN50,000 without the hassle of collateral.

Why LinkCredit?

Simple Application Process: No more complicated forms or lengthy procedures. With LinkCredit, applying for a loan is as easy as pie.

Quick Disbursement: Need cash urgently? LinkCredit has got your back. Get your money fast, without the endless waiting.

0% Interest Products Available: Yes, you read that right! Enjoy the benefits of interest-free loans with LinkCredit.

Flexible Repayment Options: Worried about repayment? Don’t be. LinkCredit offers flexible repayment plans tailored to your needs.

Transparent: No hidden fees, no surprises. LinkCredit believes in transparency, so you know exactly what you’re getting into.

Unlock Bonuses for Timely Repayment: Be rewarded for being responsible! With LinkCredit, timely repayment can unlock exciting bonuses.

Access Loans 24/7: Whether it’s day or night, LinkCredit is always here for you. Access loans anytime, anywhere.

Experience Convenience at Your Fingertips

LinkCredit is more than just a loan app. It’s your financial partner, empowering you with financial flexibility like never before. Borrow up to NGN150,000 with a loan limit ranging from NGN2,000 to NGN150,000. Tailor your repayment period between 91 to 180 days.

Calculate Your Loan Limit at No Cost

Curious about how much you can borrow? Use our handy loan calculator to find out your loan limit – it’s absolutely free!


To qualify for a LinkCredit loan, you need to be between 21-55 years old, a Nigerian citizen with a BVN, and have a satisfactory credit score determined by LinkCredit.

Example Scenario

Let’s break it down: Borrow NGN10,000 and opt for a 3-month repayment plan. Your monthly interest and service charges will total 1%, amounting to NGN300 over the three-month term. Your total repayment will be NGN10,300.

How To Apply

Ready to experience the convenience of LinkCredit? Simply download the app from the Google Play Store and follow these three easy steps:

i. Verify Your Identity

ii. Establish Your Revolving Credit Limit

iii. Secure Your Loan

What Customers Say

Thousands of satisfied customers can’t be wrong! Many customers rave about LinkCredit’s efficiency and speed in both registration and loan processes. But don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself!

Customer Care Service

Got questions or concerns? Our dedicated customer care team is here to assist you every step of the way. Reach out to us via email at or on WhatsApp at +234 9078819258.

Privacy and Data Security

At LinkCredit, your privacy is our priority. Rest assured, your data is encrypted and safeguarded against unauthorized access. We adhere to the Nigerian Data Protection Regulations 2019 to ensure your information is protected at all times.

Achieve Better Credit for a Better Life

With LinkCredit, the possibilities are endless. Say goodbye to financial constraints and hello to a brighter future. Take control of your finances today with LinkCredit!

In Conclusion

Ready to take the leap? Don’t let financial worries hold you back. With LinkCredit, your dreams are within reach. Download the app now and experience the difference!

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