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Top Chance Loan App, is TopChance legit?

Are you in urgent need of funds? Look no further than TopChance loans! With a commitment to catering to your financial needs, TopChance offers a seamless solution for individuals with good credit records.

Flexible Loan Options

TopChance offers a range of loanable amounts from ₦5,000 to ₦50,000, with terms spanning between 91 to 180 days, ensuring repayment fits your schedule.

Tailored Interest Rates

Interest rates at TopChance are designed to suit your needs. With a minimum annual interest rate of 21% and a maximum APR capped at 26%—no hidden fees—borrowers are met with reasonable costs.

Easy Repayment Calculations

Understanding repayment is simple. For example, a loan of NGN 10,000 for 120 days at 21% interest results in a total repayment of NGN 10,690. For a 91-day loan at 26% interest, the repayment is NGN 10,648.

Eligibility Made Easy

To apply for a TopChance loan, you must be between 20 and 55 years old, a Nigerian resident, and demonstrate good creditworthiness.

Seamless Application Process

Applying is a breeze! Register on the TopChance app, fill in your information, and gain access to your funds once approved.

Privacy Protection Guaranteed

Your privacy matters! TopChance verifies your identity using your phone’s data, including SMS history, while ensuring encrypted protection for your information.

Accessible Customer Support

Got questions? Reach out to TopChance! Contact their customer care team via phone at +23418885169 or email at

Stay Informed

While TopChance is currently reputable, remember that companies can change over time. Do your research before engaging.


TopChance provides a reliable, convenient solution for quick access to funds. With transparent rates, user-friendly applications, and privacy measures in place, it’s a promising option for financial assistance in Nigeria.

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