What is Another Name for Opay Bank? Same as Paycom?

Are you perplexed by the interchangeability of OPay and Paycom? You’re not alone. But fear not! We’re here to untangle the web and shed light on the differences between these two entities.

Are OPay and Paycom the Same?

Nope! They’re as different as apples and oranges. OPay operates in the mobile financial services realm, while Paycom deals with cloud-based human capital management software solutions.

Let’s Dive Deeper

OPay: Picture a mobile-based platform offering a plethora of financial services like mobile wallets, bill payments, and money transfers. It’s the brainchild of Opera Group, making waves in African countries like Nigeria, Egypt, and Kenya since its inception in 2018.

Paycom Inc: Contrastingly, this American gem founded in 1998 specializes in cloud-based human capital management solutions. Think payroll, HR, benefits administration – you name it, Paycom’s got it covered.

Another Name for OPay?

Ever heard of Paycom Nigeria Limited? Bingo! That’s the former alias of OPay before it got a makeover by Opera Group. But guess what? The term Paycom still pops up here and there in OPay’s universe.

What About Paycom?

No aliases here! Founded in Oklahoma City, USA, Paycom has been going strong since 1998, serving businesses with top-notch HR solutions across the globe.

Spot the Differences

Business Focus: OPay’s all about revolutionizing payment inclusion in Nigeria, while Paycom takes the reins in HR management solutions worldwide.

Founding and Location: OPay sprouted its roots in Lagos, Nigeria, post-acquisition by Opera Group in 2018, whereas Paycom originated in the heart of Oklahoma City.

Parent Companies: OPay owes its allegiance to Chinese billionaire Yahui Zhou and the Opera Group, whereas Paycom stands tall as an independent entity.

Services and Partnerships: OPay boasts an impressive lineup including OKash, OBus, and OFood, while Paycom specializes in professional HR services.

In Conclusion

OPay and Paycom – they may share a similar ring to their names, but make no mistake, they’re distinct entities striding in different realms. So next time you hear the buzz, remember, clarity prevails!

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